Criminal cases of breach of trust with vehicles multiplied 10 times in partial and total bans

Mubarak Al-Tanib

A report issued by the Criminal Investigation Department regarding the investigation of many crimes related to breach of trust in vehicles revealed that the financial conditions of a large segment of citizens and expatriates prevented them from paying their financial obligations to companies specialized in renting vehicles.

According to the security report, the stumbling of citizens and expatriates pushed the rental companies to file cases inside the various Kuwaiti outposts, bearing a common title, which is “betrayal of trust,” while a security source said that the number of these cases had increased 10 times from their counterparts last year, specifically from the beginning of March until The end of last July, that is, in the periods of partial, total and regional ban.

The source stated that the preparation of the report came after several companies submitted reports, and the last of those communications was a case that was registered at the Fahaheel Police Station and carried number 311/2020, where an Egyptian expatriate submitted in possession of a power of attorney from a vehicle rental company, indicating that there is a citizen born in 1996 who rented a luxury vehicle Its daily rent is 60 dinars for a period of 3 days, and that since March the vehicle has not been returned, and upon contacting him more than once, he stated that he suffers from financial distress, and when his financial conditions improve, he will return the vehicle and its full rent.


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